Certificate of no tax arrears may be obtained online

Recently, a new online service of the Ministry of Enterprise and Technology was launched in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, consisting of the possibility of obtaining a certificate of no tax arrears via the Internet.

In order to take advantage of this possibility, you must create an account at biznes.gov.pl and select the appropriate service. Below you will find a link to the relevant subpage of the Ministry:


After submitting the online application, the office will check your application, if it contains the required information, e.g. tax identification number. If there is no information or you have made a mistake, the office will call you to complete it within the given time limit. It will be 7 days. If you do not amend the application within the prescribed time, your case will not be solved.

The certificate confirming the tax situation may be sent by the office in electronic form or by post – if it is indicated in the application. The certificate can also be picked up at the office.

The application should be accompanied by:

Proof of payment of stamp duty and possibly
Power of attorney,
Proof of payment of stamp duty for the power of attorney

Maciej Ratajczak
27 June 2018
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